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About Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn website cash. Affiliate means to be associated or connected. Affiliate programs are basically partnerships between merchants and webmasters. It is a innovative and convenient way to expand markets. Sometimes affiliate programs are referred to as associate, partner or referral programs. These types of programs benefit both the merchant and the webmaster. The merchant benefits by having a greater reach to potential customers. The webmaster benefits by adding content to the website and also earns income for promoting the merchants products and services.

Most often the webmaster simply adds a banner or maybe some text with specially coded links. These coded links are how credit for the sales are tracked. Sometimes the sales are tracked by a third party. When a visitor follows the link and completes the sale, the webmaster earns a commission or referral fee. The merchant handles all of the details of the order processing and the webmaster gets a check!

Affiliate programs are contributing to one of the fastest growing segments of internet trade and commerce. Find an affiliate program for your website today.

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